Gallaudet University’s Student Body Government provides thoughtful input into Gallaudet’s decision-making process, has three main tasks as we fulfill our charge to serve as the representative voice and the GU student body.

SBG’s purpose is to provide input into the University’s decision-making process; to act as a spokesperson for the students; and to maintain communications concerning students’ interests and concerns in all of the university’s schools and colleges.

SBG includes within its domain:

The entire student body

The legislative branch, consisting of representatives from clubs, organizations, and classes;

The judicial branch, responsible for interpreting and upholding the Student Body Government constitution; 

The executive branch, which includes the SBG President and Vice President, and their staff.


The Student Body Government is the primary organization through which students govern themselves, plan activities for the campus, and work with the faculty and administration.


All undergraduate and graduate students are considered active, voting members of the student body. The executive officers are selected annually in a campus-wide election.

Executive Branch

Name Title / Role

Cynthia Ortega


Jett Kelly

Vice President 

Matteo Giansanti

Director of Finance

Jamie Gleason

Director of Accessibility and Inclusion 

Melanie Pena

Director of Events 

Emma Giuntoli

Director of Student Media


Director of Student Affairs


Director of Communications


Director of Community Relations 

Legislative Branch

Name Title / Role

Joe Cherichello

Speaker of the House

Ebahili Eigbefoh

Vice Speaker of the House 

Trey Johnson


Jonathan Summers


Alexandro Hernandez


Aaliyah Mendoza


Judicial Branch

Name Title / Role

Kenneth Kennedy

Chief Justice

Samson Abraham 

Associate Justice

Clark Barrett

Associate Justice

Those interested in a vacant position on the SBG executive board can contact SBG President Cynthia Ortega with their interest. Those interested in a vacant position on the SBG legislative branch can contact the Speaker of the House Joe Cherichello.

Updated February 2024. 


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