The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a student organization representing the interests of all graduate students at Gallaudet University, advocating for the academic, professional, and social goals of the graduate student body. 

Our purpose is to: 

  • promote academic excellence
  • provide a forum for the expression of opinion by graduate students
  • organize events 
  • provide relevant training and professional development
  • facilitate communications and joint activities among graduate school departments. 


We advise the faculty, deans, the provost, and the president through participation on the Faculty Senate, University Budget Committee, and other standing ad hoc committees. We also report to the Board of Trustees at three annual meetings. The Graduate Student Association collects student union fees, managing the organization’s budget and authorizing expenditures.


All graduate students are considered active, voting members of the Graduate Student Association. `

Name Position

James Wilson IV


LaToya Plummer

Vice President

Rebecca Brenowitz 

Director of Communications

Teresa Murbach

Director of Finance

Nicolas Conway

Director of Events 

Dacey Curtis

Speaker of the House 

Glenn Allenman, Jr. 

Representative, Department of Social Work 

Fiona Casey

Representative, Department of Psychology 

Michael Haynes

Representative, Department of Public Administration 

Harendra Udurawana

Representative, Department of Accessibility 

Ali Faridi

Representative, Department of Interpreting 

Bonnie Barrett

Representative, Department of Linguistics 

Christina Elejalde

Representative, Department of Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences 

Margo Hutto

Representative, Department of American Sign Language 

Michelle Gerson-Wagner


Updated January 2023

Contact Us

Graduate Student Association

Kendall Hall 104

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