Jay Scotton

Information Technology Manager

Technology Services

202-250-2312 (videophone)

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    Jay was born and raise in golden state of California and, in 1982, graduated from California School for the Deaf. He received bachelor of arts degree in 1988 in Computer Science at Gallaudet University. After Graduating,  he worked for Internal Revenue Service as Computer Specialist. Soon after he reconnected with a Gallaudet classmate,  Jamie Clark, persuades him to join ClarkNet , the first deaf-owned internet provider company. At ClarkNet, he worked as a System Administrator and Network Engineer. When ClarkNet was acquired by VERIO, Inc. Jay was promoted to nationwide senior system engineer. At Gallaudet University serves as senior network engineer, and team leader.

   Jay loves to explore various of operating systems such as Junos, Cisco IOS, Linux, Unix, Solaris OS, FreeBSD, MS windows, MAC osX. And he taught himself Firewall, VPN Tunnel. His other hobbies include are Fishing, Racquetball and Home Improvement, and especially loves spending time with his wife, Teri Scotton.

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Jay Scotton


202 651 5249

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