Areas of Study

If you need technology support, please contact the IT Service Desk or find more information using the links below.


Check out popular items most recently referenced by the Gallaudet community here.


Go here to learn about the features, tools, tips, and support that ensure digital accessibility.

Account Management

For password resets, new account help, and disabled accounts go here.

Administrative & Business

If you need support with software and applications for core administrative systems, go here.

Communication & Collaboration

Go here for email, video, voice, web, and other collaboration resources.

Computers, Printing, and Software

For personal and departmental computing needs visit this web page.


Learn more about Wi-Fi and network access and connectivity, and storage tools here.

IT Professional Services

Visit this page for technology-based consultation, training, and project management.


If you need research computing services, visit this page.


Check out this page if you want to explore tools and resources to protect data.

Teaching & Learning

For services, equipment, and spaces for education, go here.


Visit this page to access the services, tools, features, and support of video-related resources.

Contact Us

Technology Services

Earl Parks

Merrill Learning Center 1120

(202) 250-2507

(202) 651-5494

(202) 651-5213

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