Cara L. Gormally received her Ph.D. in plant biology from the University of Georgia. Her doctoral research in the Department of Plant Biology focused on the ecological and evolutionary responses of plant populations to the coastal dune environment. She also conducted graduate research on the impact of inquiry-based laboratory instruction on students’ science literacy skills. During her graduate career, she was a NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserve graduate fellow, on Sapelo Island.

Dr. Gormally is interested in advancing science literacy by designing courses relevant to students' lives, supporting and studying teacher development, and understanding the role of identity in science teaching and learning. Her research projects include the development of an instrument to evaluate science literacy skills, which was recognized in Science as Editor’s Choice as a paper of exceptional interest. Other research includes understanding how new teaching assistants learn to teach science as inquiry. Her research interests also include understanding students’ experiences of learning science and barriers and access to science identities. She was recent American Association of University Women Fellow.

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BIO-105 Introduction to Human Biology Credits: 4

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Cara Gormally


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