Gallaudet University promotes opportunities to share knowledge with universities around the globe through formal agreements including student exchange and technical cooperation. Gallaudet has Memorandums of Understanding, or cooperative agreements with the following institutions:

  • Gallaudet in Nigeria Africa (GAIN) – A groundbreaking program in partnership with Wesley University, an accredited Nigerian Tertiary Education Institute, and the Nigerian National Association of the Deaf, that promotes institutional and national academic cooperation in Africa, with the objective of direct multilingual tertiary education to Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing communities, positioning them to reach their full potential, open career pathways, and thrive as their countries’ citizens.
  • Virtual Exchange – Collaborative Online International Learning (VE-COIL) agreements with colleges and universities in colleges and universities in Norway, The Philippines, and Japan.
  • World Federation of the Deaf – A reciprocal agreement in which Gallaudet will connect the international government leaders it receives to WFD member associations, and WFD will offer learning opportunities to Gallaudet students.
  • Siena School of Liberal Arts, Italy – Offers Gallaudet students an opportunity to study abroad.
  • National Tsukuba University of Technology (NTUT), Japan – Offers Gallaudet students an opportunity to study abroad and to exchange scientific activities, publications, and information.
  • Nippon Foundation – Offers scholarships to students from developing countries, including the Gallaudet-Nippon Foundation World Deaf Leadership Scholarship. 
  • Japan College of Social Work (JCSW) – Creates a collaborative online international learning course and invites JCSW students to study at Gallaudet.

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