If you are planning to travel outside the United State under Gallaudet’s sponsorship (funded fully or partially by the University, or is part of an academic, work, or collaborative endeavor that is affiliated with the University, regardless of funding source), you should first read the University’s official policy in the travel section of the Administration and Operations Manual (Section 2.05b International Travel Review Policies and Procedures). The policy and procedures apply to all students and employees, including Clerc Center.

After reading, please look below for necessary forms and guidance in preparing your request. Ultimately, you, as the traveler, and your supervisor, or, for students, the Education Abroad manager, are responsible for preparing and submitting required paperwork well in advance of travel.

The University may decline requests received less than two months prior to the date of travel.

A complete request to travel internationally will include a risk screening with recommendation from the campus’ international risk screening team, a liability waiver signed by you, and a Spend Authorization in Workday, with sign-off by your supervisor.

IMPORTANT: Efforts are underway to modify Workday to incorporate the mandatory risk screening step. This will simplify and centralize the process. In the meantime, thank you for your patience.

Be sure to take the following actions:

For University Employees:

  1. At least two months prior to the planned trip, the traveler must prepare and submit the following forms to
    1. International Traveler Questionnaire
    2. General Liability Release for University Personnel
  2. The traveler will email the material to OIA will facilitate the review by pertinent offices. Offices that may be consulted in the risk screening of an international travel request include the Department of Public Safety (security planning), COVID-19 Response Team (health), Campus Services Operations (insurance), Finance Office (funding) and, if appropriate, General Counsel (legal), and Human Resources (administrative).
  3. After traveler’s questionnaire and waiver is submitted to OIA:
    • OIA will facilitate the risk screening based on responses from the international travel questionnaire.
    • OIA will summarize the risk reviewers’ input and send recommendations to the traveler.
  4. After receiving the risk screening recommendations, the traveler will need to submit a spend authorization through Workday. The traveler must attach the risk screening recommendations to their spend authorization. For Workday assistance, refer to ServiceNow or the Operational Transformation Hub.
  5. The final decision maker on the traveler’s request is your division chief, who will approve or deny the request, then inform you, as the traveler, or your supervisor. Employees will be notified of the decision on their travel request by their supervisor/director.
  6. If travel is approved, the traveler and program/school will follow the University’s policy and procedure to reserve tickets and lodging.

For University Students:

  1. Education Abroad and International Fellowship’s (EA) online system has the necessary forms and steps for completing an application for students. (See or email
  2. All sponsored travel requests for any purpose are to be approved by the student’s program directors or advisors and by the manager of EA in OIA at Student’s school directors must also be notified of the student’s international travel. Students must add travel health insurance; this will be handled by EA.

OIA facilitates the risk screening only.

Frequently Asked Questions: Gallaudet University International Travel Policy

(Last updated in October 2022)

Q: How much advance time do I have to send my request?

A: The sooner, the better. You need to send your request at least two months before your planned departure date. Be aware that the University may decline requests received less than two months prior to the travel date.

Q: What do I need to send to OIA?

A: You must complete the international travel questionnaire and waiver of liability form, and email them to

Q: How do I complete the financial application and process for travel?

A: Complete a spend authorization through Workday prior to departure, and an expense report post travel. Please refer to ServiceNow or the Operational Transformation Hub if you have questions or need assistance.

Q: Do I have to send everything at once?

A: Yes.

Q: I need to know more about visa and/or immigration procedures. Can OIA help with that?

A: No. OIA is not responsible for employees’ visas, answering immigration questions, or any other travel concerns.

Q: How long should it take until I hear whether or not my request is approved

A: OIA works hard to process your request as soon as possible. First, it goes through our team, then to the risk screening team, and finally, to the provost for approval. The average turnaround time is about two weeks.

Q: What are the conditions for University-sponsored travel?

A: The country you plan to travel to must have a travel advisory ranked Level 3 or less by the U.S. Department of State and the CDC. Level 3 countries require a waiver, while countries ranked Level 2 or less do not need a waiver. Level 4 or higher countries are not eligible for University-sponsored travel.

Q: The country where I plan to travel is ranked at Level 1 or 2 by the Department of State but Level 3 or 4 by the CDC. Do I need to go through the international travel request process?

A: Yes, you still have to complete the process: a country designated Level 3 or higher – by either the CDC or Department of State – requires a waiver for safety and health reasons.

Q: Can OIA arrange travel insurance?

A: At the present time, OIA is not responsible for arranging travel insurance for Gallaudet faculty or staff. However, Education Abroad is responsible for travel insurance for University students.

Q: I am a Gallaudet student – or Gallaudet students are coming with me on my international trip. Where do I start with University sponsored travel planning?

A: International travel for all Gallaudet students is handled by Education Abroad. Please email

Application help for University travelers: Travel Guard app


Email or visit OIA in Building 103.

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