Effective date of policy: August 1, 2021 (revision 6/10/22) 

Expiration date: Ongoing

Keywords: international travel, risk screening.


This policy applies to sponsored international travel* by Gallaudet University and Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center (collectively, the University) employees, and students. “Sponsored travel” means that which is funded fully or partially by the University, or is part of an academic, work, or collaborative endeavor that is affiliated with the University, regardless of funding source. (Independent contractors are excluded from this policy unless otherwise specified in their contracts with the University.)

For personal international travel, the Gallaudet community is encouraged to embrace the spirit of this policy, which is intended to protect their health and well-being.

For sponsored international travel, all approved travelers are required to review and abide by the following requirements and procedures:

Policy Statement

The purpose of this policy is to provide broad guidelines and establish procedures related to sponsored international travel. It outlines the University’s enhanced procedures for assessing any risk to the safety and well-being of its travelers. The University will adhere closely to travel advisories issued by the U.S. government. University division chiefs will be supported in their decisions on travel requests through analyses provided by pertinent offices. All decisions regarding sponsored international travel are made on a case-by-case basis, and Gallaudet University reserves the right to revoke any travel approval and recall travelers at any time for any reason. Travelers are responsible for complying with this policy and other applicable University policies.

All approved sponsored international travelers are required to review and abide by the following requirements and procedures:

  1. Receive COVID-19 vaccinations and the country’s required vaccinations. The University currently monitors the vaccination status of employees and students. The Office of International Affairs (OIA) will assess those with an approved exemption from the University on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Any student who intends to travel out of the country under University sponsorship must go through the Education Abroad and International Fellowships (EA) team in OIA at Education Abroad and abide by the EA deadlines for each semester.
  3. It is the joint responsibility of the traveler and the University to stay updated on health and safety information about travel destinations prior to approval. In deciding on requests to travel outside the United States, the University relies on travel risk advisories from the U.S. Department of State and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). See
  4. The University will not sponsor international travel if it imposes a health or safety risk to the traveler (e.g., if a country is experiencing a COVID-19 surge or a spike in violence). 
  5. Comprehensive health insurance coverage (which may include emergency evacuation coverage) must be in place. Coverage for employees may include a combination of the University’s insurance policy, personal health insurance, and additional travel insurance. The requirements and options will be explained to the traveler. 
  6. Travel is permitted to countries with State Department/CDC advisory levels 1 or 2. If the advisory level is raised after travel is approved, the University reserves the right to withdraw approval.
  7. Permission to travel to Level 3 advisory countries requires a risk screening and a waiver from a division chief, and will be strictly enforced. 
  8. Generally, travel to Level 4 advisory countries is prohibited unless essential. The U.S. government has clarified the intent of Level 4 classification as “Do Not Travel” due to extremely critical serious conditions within a country. Sufficient documentation showing that the travel is essential and a plan that includes adequate support for the health and safety of the traveler during their time in the destination country is required. Travel to Level 4 nations also necessitates a risk screening and a waiver from a division chief, and will be strictly enforced.
  9. Sponsored travelers must sign a general liability release, available on OIA’s webpage.
  10. To help ensure protection of intellectual property, the federal government requires universities and research institutions to implement concrete export compliance measures for specific nations, including measures to protect intellectual assets and materials during travel and to declare interactions and relationships, such as for research.
  11. At least three weeks prior to the departure date, the traveler must send their itinerary, contact information, and a copy of their passport to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) so that the University is aware of the employee’s travel, and can provide assistance if needed. (Student travelers’ information will be sent to DPS by EA.)
  12. The University, at its sole discretion, may change or cancel the program at any time, including the itinerary, travel arrangements, or accommodations, and require travelers outside of the U.S. to return home, if the University determines that conditions pose potential danger to travelers.
  13. The approved international traveler must agree to comply with the University’s emergency procedures and take steps prior and during trips to ensure personal safety, including making available multiple means for contact, communicating itineraries and any amendments with Gallaudet and appropriate parties, signing up for travel alerts, and completing an orientation. Each traveler will be instructed on University protocols covering emergency communications, assembly of travelers, and situations calling for cancelation of travel. Updates to these procedures will be provided in a timely fashion.

Please send inquiries by email to International Travel, or visit the Office of International Affairs in Building 103.

International Travel Requests

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Here, employees of Gallaudet University will find details and forms for requesting approval of travel outside the United States. The University’s official policy on international travel is in the A&O Manual


What to do

For University Employees:

  1. At least two months prior to the planned trip, the traveler must prepare and submit the following forms to International Travel
  1. International Traveler Questionnaire
  2. General Liability Release for University Personnel
  3. Travel Advance/Reimbursement Request Form

The University may decline requests received less than two months prior to the date of travel.

  1. The employee’s supervisor and unit director should review and sign the required travel documents.
  2. The supervisor will forward material to OIA via International Travel. OIA will facilitate the review by pertinent offices, and make a recommendation to the division chief. The forms will be reviewed first for risk screening (based on the responses from the international travel questionnaire), then costs (from the Travel Advance/Reimbursement Request form). 
  3. The division chief will approve or deny the request, then inform the traveler or their supervisor. Employees will be notified of the decision on their travel request by their supervisor/director. If travel is approved, the traveler will then follow the University’s policy and procedure to reserve tickets and lodging. 

For University Students:

  1. Education Abroad and International Fellowship’s (EA) online system has the necessary forms and steps of completing an application for students; see or email Education Abroad.

  1. All sponsored travel requests for any purpose are to be approved by the student’s school director and by the Manager of EA in OIA at Education Abroad. Students must add travel health insurance; this will be handled by EA.


Who decides

The review and approval of international travel requests is managed by Universitydivision chiefs in consultation with OIA. Offices that may be consulted in the risk screening of an international travel request include the DPS (security planning), COVID-19 Response Team (health-related), Campus Services Operations (insurance), Finance Office (funding) and, if appropriate, the Office of the General Counsel (legal), and Human Resources (administrative).



Link to FAQ

Travel Guard app 


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Send an email to International Travel or visit the Office of International Affairs in Building 103.

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