Russell Stein

Gallaudet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute Director

Dean of the Faculty


After earning his bachelor's degree in business administration at Gallaudet University, Russell began his career by working in relay services at Relay America and then Communication Service for the Deaf, where he launched the first video relay service nationwide with three people. Russell co-founded 6 businesses with his wife, Melody Stein, including Mozzeria, a Deaf owned-and-operated Neapolitan pizzeria in San Francisco. He also co-founded an international consulting business, Yantern, for Deaf small businesses and future entrepreneurs while operating a ghost kitchen, Pi00a, that focuses on frozen Neapolitan pizza distribution and catering private events. Russell and his partners capitalized on the high demand for their recently launched condiment, Spicy Chili Crunch, by hiring a Deaf team to cross-train in the business.

As the Director of the Gallaudet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, Russell oversees innovative strategic planning, several events including the Bison Tank Competition, 10 Fellows, collaborations with Small Business Administration, and other entrepreneurship projects with fellow and future entrepreneurs.

Russell is also known for his astute business visions and bold moves; he received the prestigious 2016 Amos Kendall Award from Gallaudet University and the 2019 Bay Area Disability Changemakers award.

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BUS-290 Foundations of Entrepreneurship Credits: 3-4

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Russell Stein

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