Summers at Gallaudet

Summer Financial Aid

Who says the Fall and Spring semesters should have all the fun? Whether you have a summer internship, job, or just want to enjoy Washington, D.C. in the summertime, our summer academic classes are a valuable investment in your future - and they’re more affordable than you think!

Get a jumpstart on credits to graduate early.
Catch up on credits to stay on schedule.
Finish faster with an accelerated course structure.
Spend the summer studying and working in Washington, D.C.

Summer Financial Aid

Summer Financial Aid options let you enjoy the same academic experience and support you’d expect from our Fall or Spring semesters with the added flexibility Summer Courses have to offer. Small class sizes, accelerated schedules, and helpful financial aid packages set you up to excel in your academic journey–while summer job and internship opportunities in bustling Washington, D.C. are right outside your door!

A few things you should know about Summer Aid that make it different from Spring and Fall semesters.

Completing the Summer Institutional Financial Aid Application (Summer IFAA) is required to receive aid.

Only degree-credit coursework qualifies for Summer aid.

Summer aid will not cover repeated coursework i.e. if you’re having to repeat a class