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Net Price Calculator

Net Price Calculator

Reviewing Your Estimate

Take financial guesswork out of the equation with the Net Price Calculator. This tool estimates how much it will cost for you to spend one year at Gallaudet along with potential scholarship eligibility as a full-time undergraduate student. While we strive for the highest accuracy in the calculation of potential awards and the cost for tuition and fees, these calculations do not represent a final statement or award of financial assistance.


Applying for Financial Aid

There are several types of Financial Aid available to you through Gallaudet. In fact, 90% of our full-time, first-year undergraduate students received assistance through scholarships and grants. Explore Financial Aid options like scholarships, grants, loans, and more to support your education today!

More Questions?

We know figuring out how to pay for college can feel complicated and stressful. Never hesitate to reach out to one of our Financial Aid Advisors to discuss your unique situation and find answers to your questions.