Credentials: B.A., MS.ED.

Christine Gannon, M.S.ED. is the Director of the Health and Wellness Programs at Gallaudet University. She has her B.A. in sociology from Lynchburg College, her Master's degree in Human Sexuality Education from the University of Pennsylvania and a certificate in chemical dependency from the Minnesota Chemical Dependency Program for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Individuals.  She has been providing sexuality education and training to the Deaf community since 1995 and has been at Gallaudet in this capacity since 2011.   She is a child of Deaf parents and has combined this lifetime of experiences with her professional training to provide Deaf friendly and culturally competent services.  She is also a parent of two children and values the importance of health education on a personal level. 

  • PHS-499 Independent Study (2021/02)(1)
  • PHS-499 Independent Study (2021/02)(2)
  • PHS-403 Internship in Public Health (2022/01)(OL1)
  • PHS-403 Internship in Public Health (2021/01)(01)
  • PHS-499 Independent Study (2021/02)(01)
  • PHS-499 Independent Study (2021/02)(02)
  • PHS-301 Bhvrl Hth Intrvtns: Plan&Eval (2022/02)(01)
  • PSY-370 Hlth Disparities Deaf/HH Comm (2022/02)(01)
  • PHS-101 Foundations of Public Health (2023/01)(01)
  • PHS-203 Personal & Community Health (2023/01)(01)
  • VEE-101 Examine Seminar (2023/01)(05)
  • PHS-595 Special Topics [tpc to be spfd (2023/01)(G02)
  • Sexperts Workshop (2022/02)
  • Honors Contract (2023/01)
  • QPR (2022/02)
  • QPR (2023/01)
  • Alcohol Use at Gallaudet University (2023/02)
  • Advising Load 2023/02: Total:15 Undergraduate:15
  • Shane Carrizales-PHS (Honors capstone) 2021/02-2022/02
  • Emma Tripp-PHS (Honors Capstone) 2022/01-2022/02
  • Faculty Consultant with Sexuality Video Development: Planned Parenthood of DE 2023/01-2023/01
  • Cannabis Symposium 2023/01-2023/01
  • The Leader in You: Washington, District of Columbia 2023/02-2023/02
  • FEMA: An Introduction to General Emergency Preparedness 2023/02-2023/02
  • We are Gallaudet: Crisis in Deaf Education with Marianne Belsky and Nicole Sutliffe 2023/02-2023/02
  • American Public Health Association: July 2022-Ongoing
  • ADARA: August 2023-Ongoing
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