Email: christopher dot hayes at gallaudet dot edu 


Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Connecticut, 2022

M.A. Mathematics, The George Washington University, 2014

B.S. Mathematics, Gallaudet University, 2012

Prior Employment:

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Connecticut, 2016-2022

Adjunct I, Gallaudet University, 2014-2016

Research Interests: Simply speaking, I study the theoretical foundations of heat flow and electric current on rough, intricate shapes called fractals. This uses a lot of different tools - probability theory, calculus, linear algebra, and more. Most of my research is theoretical but I do look at some numerical / computational stuff. I am always looking for undergraduate research assistants. Some research keywords: analysis on fractals, Dirichlet forms, functional analysis, Markov processes, partial differential equations, graph theory, dimension. 

I am also interested in expanding my research areas. I am interested in linguistics, economics, general modeling, and data science.

You can find my thesis at:

Personal Interests: I enjoy traditional card games (such as Spades, Bridge, Euchre) and many board games. When I have time I like to make block print art - sometimes I make ASL art prints. 


Currently Teaching

MAT Calculus I Credits: 4
PHY Physics II Credits: 3
PHY Physics II Laboratory Credits: 1
MAT Precalculus Credits: 4

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Christopher Hayes

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