Tayler is the founder of DeafVIDEO.TV, a unique social media platform entirely dedicated to American Sign Language (ASL) videos. The website stands out as the only one that uses ASL exclusively to communicate throughout discussions.

His journey to create DeafVIDEO.TV began when he co-founded DeafRead, a website that aggregates posts from deaf bloggers around the world in real-time. During the Gallaudet University protests of 2006, DeafRead played a crucial role in informing the deaf community.

Tayler noticed a growing trend of using ASL videos to communicate online and decided to add a new category to DeafRead dedicated to ASL videos. By the time the website turned a year old, DeafRead was drawing thousands and thousands of visitors, and the Deafhood movement reached the masses through the DeafRead platform.

Despite the success of DeafRead, Tayler was determined to take ASL videos to the next level. He founded DeafVIDEO.TV to provide a unique platform where ASL videos could flourish. What sets DeafVIDEO.TV apart is that the comments made in response to vlogs are also in video, differentiating the site from the likes of YouTube.

Tayler's work in creating DeafVIDEO.TV has been recognized by a U.S. Senator from California and earned him a place among the Trailblazers, a campaign by PurpleVRS that spotlights individuals in the deaf community who are making a significant impact.

While running both DeafRead and DeafVIDEO.TV, Tayler also freelanced as a web developer, working on projects with multiple organizations nationally. This experience led to projects at Gallaudet University, where he eventually became a faculty member and now teaches Information Technology. 

Tayler's work in creating DeafVIDEO.TV has helped to improve accessibility and representation for the deaf community, and his role as a lecturer at Gallaudet University allows him to continue advocating for deaf education and empowerment in Information Technology.

In his free time, Tayler enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He has a variety of hobbies, including landscaping, renovating, hiking, bicycling, running, and traveling. He is also an avid football fan and can often be found in Gallaudet University's weight room. Additionally, he can be found on DeafVIDEO.TV having fruitful discussions with ASL users around the world.

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