I earned a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Clemson University in 2013. My Ph.D. work involved molecular dynamics simulations using advanced sampling and polarizable force fields. I also gained extensive teaching experience at Clemson by teaching physical chemistry and cooperative general chemistry labs in which students worked collaboratively to solve given problems through experimentation while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. Upon completion of the degree, I went on to postdoc at the Physics Department to work on modeling impact of single point mutations associated with rare genetic diseases on protein proteins, particularly the Rett Syndrome protein MeCP2. I then joined the faculty of Gallaudet University. 

At Gallaudet University, I continue doing computational biophysics research with undergraduate and high school students while improving undergraduate education through games and incorporating research into curriculum.

I'm an advocate for increasing diversity in STEM higher degrees and workforce through early exposure to research. Therefore, I have a special interest in involving undergraduate and high school students in research, particularly students from historically underrepresented groups in STEM.

I have been an American Chemical Society Project Seed coordinator and mentor since 2019. Since 2016, I mentored 14 Deaf/HoH undergraduate and high school students at Gallaudet and several groups of students at Quest Student Research Institute.

Teaching Motto: Everyone can learn!

Research Motto: It's never too early to get involved in research!

Quote: "Diversity without inclusion is exclusion"


List of Publications: Google Scholar Profile

Twitter: @DrKucukkal

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Tugba Kucukkal

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