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Adam Bartley


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Pumpkin carving of a Bison on grassland in the setting sun.

Interpreting professionally since 1990, my journey brought me to Gallaudet University in 2003 with the intent to stay for a 10 month work program. 15 years later, I am still here and always grateful to have the opportunity to work in such a vibrant community. My areas of specialization in interpreting include certification for legal settings, and deep experience in academic post-secondary, rhetoric, theater, arts, biological sciences, and humanities settings.

Beyond interpreting I am also an artist (many media, but known especially for pumpkin carving), a fire performer, yo-yo enthusiast (I am rarely without a yo-yo on my person), writer, and avid rock climber. So many of my interests have proven to be ways of connecting with and contributing to the Gallaudet community and larger Deaf community and I am thankful to find so many kindred spirits here. 

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Adam Bartley

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