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Last Revised:15 Oct 2004

Refer Questions to: Executive Director, Business Support Services


This policy applies to all faculty, teachers, staff, students and guests and to all offices and divisions of Gallaudet University.


Casual solicitations for charitable or University-sponsored activities or for similar purposes by on-campus students, student organizations, and employees are not strictly prohibited; however, in no instance should such solicitations interrupt work or learning or place unwanted pressure on students, faculty, teachers, and staff. Gallaudet employees are not permitted to solicit business for themselves or for others while on University property.

In order to avoid disruption to the educational mission, protect students, faculty, teachers, and staff from commercial and non-commercial exploitation and harassment, preserve the aesthetic atmosphere of the University, and promote safety and security, solicitations by outside parties are not permitted unless requested and approved by the University as part of a University-sponsored program or service. Individuals or companies may not leave advertisements or propaganda on vehicles, in or on buildings, or on light poles, etc. Solicitation materials will not be distributed by the campus Post Office or by other campus mail distribution centers. Door-to-door solicitations or promotions are prohibited. Information may be posted in designated areas in the Student Union Building with the approval of the Office of Campus Activities. Residence hall administrators may regulate the times and places of deliveries to residence facilities. Companies wishing to do business with the University should be directed to the Contracts and Purchasing Department. Individuals or businesses promoting products for the health and welfare of employees should be directed to Human Resources Services. Others should be referred to the Department of Public Safety.

The Department of Public Safety has the authority to remove from campus all individuals or groups who are in violation of this policy.

Approved by: Gallaudet University Administration

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