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Subject: Current Student Notification


As you know, the Department plans on merging the sample program into another program and implementing a new major. The faculty determined that the degree title did not accurately reflect the course offerings, a finding echoed during the recent reaccreditation findings. Gallaudet University Board of Trustees approved terminating the sample program on date certain. We regret it is therefore no longer possible to continue admitting students and offering this program in the future. The University is committed to enabling you and other students already in the program the opportunity to complete the program and obtain your Gallaudet University degree. The program will have a teach-out period of two years, ending in Spring date certain, to enable you to complete the program requirements and graduate.

The teach-out will work as follows: The current program and all of the courses will be offered until Spring date certain, at which time the degree will no longer be available. If you desire to earn this degree, it is your responsibility to complete the program in the time allotted. Ms. X, the Department Advisor, will assist you with identifying comparable programs to which you may wish to transfer, in the event you cannot complete the program at Gallaudet during the teach-out period. The Department has developed an FAQ resource regarding the program merger. It can be found at: .

We ask that you work closely with staff, your advisor and program faculty to ensure you are aware of all program requirements and the availability of required courses. You will be provided an academic plan that, if followed, will enable you to complete the degree plan within the teach-out period. The University wants to insure that the time, effort and resources you have already devoted to your Gallaudet education produce the results you want. We are committed to serving you and helping you complete your degree.


XXX, Dean

I have received and read the above letter.


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