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Last Revised: 11 May 2007

Refer Questions to: Vice President, Clerc Center


This policy applies to regular status and extended temporary status teachers in the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center (Clerc Center) at Gallaudet University.


Conditions may arise which call for the dismissal of a teacher. Non-renewal of a probationary appointment is not considered a dismissal. An appointment of a probationary period regular status teacher or an extended temporary status teacher may be terminated before its expiration for adequate cause.

The Clerc Center does not have a contract of employment with any of its teachers. Nevertheless, the Clerc Center will not dismiss a teacher with a continuing appointment except for adequate cause. In situations of poor performance, attempts are made to improve the performance through counseling and warning before undertaking involuntary termination. Absent extenuating circumstances, teachers with a continuing appointment who are dismissed receive at least six months advance notice.

Teachers who are dismissed and hold a continuing appointment receive severance pay in accordance with the following schedule:

Length of Continuous ServiceAmount of Severance Pay*
Less than 1 year None
1 year but less than 10 years 2 weeks
10 years or more 2 weeks base salary plus 1 week for each full 5 years
of continuous service from date of hire
* One week of severance pay is computed as 1/4th of 1/10th of teacher’s base salary.

Teachers charged with gross misconduct may be terminated immediately and without prior warning. Teachers who are discharged for gross misconduct are not eligible for severance pay and are not eligible for reemployment consideration. Gross misconduct includes, but is not limited to: commission of a University-related crime (e.g., theft of or on University property); possession, manufacture, sale, distribution, use, or under the influence of illegal drugs during work hours or while on University property; abuse of or under the influence of alcohol during work hours or while on University property; physical fights; blatant disregard for the safety and well-being of students; inexcusable neglect of duty; unruly physical or verbal resistance to or willful disobedience of authority or work direction; unauthorized dissemination of confidential information.

Final decisions regarding dismissals are made by the Vice President of the Clerc Center. Teachers who are dismissed may appeal the decision through the grievance procedures.

Approved by: Gallaudet University Board of Trustees

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