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This policy covers the use of banners on campus light poles and exteriors of buildings. This policy does not cover interior signage approved by Campus Activities. The policy applies to all faculty, teachers, staff, and students in all offices, organizations, and divisions of Gallaudet University


The purpose of this policy is to manage the use of banners to provide effective communications, promotions, and acknowledgements of the variety of programs and events that take place on campus; to make the campus more welcoming and accessible; to provide color and visual interest while preserving the visual beauty and function of all outdoor spaces; and to advance the campus identity objectives and the institution’s image.

Banners are intended to communicate a campus-wide message and highlight those events that convey the “seasons” of the academic year, including, but not limited to:

  • Welcome back/start of fall classes
  • Fall open houses
  • Homecoming
  • Start of spring classes
  • Spring open houses
  • Charter Day
  • Commencement
  • Special events


The following are principles governing the prioritization of banners and signage on campus.

  • University-wide, event specific, time sensitive banners are given display priority.
  • For multiple events, banners may be displayed on alternating light poles; no more than one banner promoting one event may be displayed on the exteriors of buildings.
  • Banner content and design is expected to comply with all applicable University policies and the University’s Visual Identity Guide.
  • All banners must be professionally produced and sized correctly to fit securely on the brackets provided on light poles (no flags, bedsheets, etc.)
  • Banners not related to specific campus events or activities are limited to a 7 day display.
  • Banners specific to campus events are limited to a 14 consecutive days display.
  • Banners serving as public service announcements and unrelated to a specific campus event or program will be considered on a case-by-case basis and, if allowed, limited to a 7 day display.


All requests for banners should be submitted through the Campus Banner Request form located on the Communications and Public Relations home page. The Office of Communications and Public Relations is responsible for the design and production of banners. The cost for production and other expenses will be the responsibility of the department, organization, or office requesting banner placement. Banner requests should be submitted to the Office of Communications and Public Relations two months prior to the requested first day of display.

Gallaudet’s Facilities Department will be responsible for hanging banners and signs. Banners must be delivered to the Facilities Department at least five days prior to the requested display date. Banners and signs will be removed following the event date and held for prompt pickup by the host organization.


Any exceptions to this policy, and for requests that are not specific to campus events or activities, will be considered by the Exception Review Committee, consisting of several senior administrators. Exceptions will be submitted to the President’s Cabinet for discussion and to the President for final approval.

Approved by: Gallaudet University Administration

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