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Sample Program Termination Student and Faculty General Communication Summary

Currently Enrolled Students

At the time the decision was made to terminate the sample program, 20 students were enrolled. An additional 12 were admitted, as planned, during spring 20xx. This admission brought the total number of students enrolled in the program to 32. 17 of those students are on track to graduate at the end of spring example year. As a result, 15 students are directly impacted by the decision. The Monitoring Report attached has the information on those students.

Each of those students was notified of the change and has been in for advising and conversations regarding their ability to complete the program. All of the students are expected to complete the program no later than spring 20xx. Because the Department will continue to offer the majority of courses traditionally require for the terminated degree program and is committed to completing these 15 students, no formal academic map was initially developed for these students. The department is contacting each of the students and asking them to come in to sign the letter below and to develop a formal academic map. These academic maps will be kept on file by the departmental advisor and utilized to: 1) advise the students each semester, 2) track the Teach-Out Plan, and 3) prepare the monitoring report. It is anticipated that these sessions will be completed by April 20xx.

Not-Formally-Admitted (NFA) and Transfer Students

At the time the decision was made to terminate the program, 110 students were designated as NFA, in the sample program. These students receive the attached letter and were invited to meet with the departmental advisor to answer any questions. These students have been moved to the NFA in another sample program and are being advised on the application and admissions process of the other sample program.

Additionally, the Department has been in touch with Undergraduate Admission regarding transfer students. Contact information for admitted students interested in the program to be terminated is to be sent to the department and the attached letter forwarded to them.

Overall Student Communications

The Department created a FAQ site to address students concerns. The site can be found at: For information purposes, all students in the Department were notified of the programmatic change.

The Department has been in touch with the Division of Undergraduate studies to make sure that the Program Guide and Academic Map were updated to indicate that the program was being terminated.

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