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This policy applies to faculty, teachers, staff, students, and guests in all offices and divisions of Gallaudet University.


Because of its large residential component, the University is unable to cancel operations totally during inclement weather. Decisions regarding closings or adjusted schedules are made by the President or his/her designee* and are announced on the University’s Alert System, web site, and inclement weather hot-lines and on local radio and television stations. It is the employee’s responsibility to obtain information regarding inclement weather plans from a reliable source. During periods of inclement weather, one of the following plans is normally implemented:
  • Open and On Schedule: Classes at the University, MSSD, and KDES are held as scheduled and all offices are open with all employees expected to report to work on time.
  • University Open on time/KDES or MSSD Closed or Delayed: If the University is open on time, the Clerc Center administration and the Department of Transportation will evaluate conditions and circumstances for both KDES and MSSD separately and make the most appropriate decision for each school. In the event that a decision is made to close KDES and/or MSSD, the decision applies to students and teachers only. Staff should report to work following normal work schedules or submit annual leave.
  • If Gallaudet University announces a delayed opening, early closure, or closure, this decision applies to KDES and MSSD as well. The Clerc Center administration will announce specific instructions to ensure student supervision until students can be safely released from school.
  • Late Arrival: Classes and work schedules are cancelled until a specific time. Non-essential employees are expected to report to work no later than the announced opening time.
  • Early Departure: A portion of the daily class and work schedule is cancelled, and all non-essential employees are released from work at a designated time.
  • Gallaudet University Closed: All classes at the University, MSSD and KDES are cancelled, and offices are closed for the entire day. Non-essential personnel are not expected to report to work. (The day is defined as 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.)
Employees who are designated as essential personnel, including, but not limited to, public safety personnel, grounds personnel, maintenance and utilities personnel, health care personnel, Post Office personnel, residence personnel, and payroll personnel when necessary to meet payroll schedules, are expected to report to work on time or to remain at work during inclement weather. Unless specifically covered by collective bargaining agreements, essential personnel receive compensatory time off for hours worked when the University is officially closed. An equal amount of compensatory time is awarded to essential personnel who work an alternative work schedule. Non-exempt employees required to work over 40 hours per week receive overtime in accordance with University policy or collective bargaining agreements. Official University closings are not considered holidays. In the event the University is officially closed, or a delayed opening or early departure is announced, teachers and University faculty are expected to make up days, classes, or classwork as appropriate. Clerc Center teachers have three make up days built into their school calendar. Teachers will have to make up any additional days beyond the three days. Non-essential regular and extended temporary staff employees are granted leave with pay for all hours normally scheduled to be worked. Staff employees who do not report to work on time when a delayed opening is announced must use appropriate paid or unpaid leave for time missed after the opening. All staff personnel who are on pre-approved leave with pay during an authorized closing will not be charged leave for that day or for the portion of the day the University is closed or delayed. Note: Because conditions of the campus and surrounding area are monitored by personnel within the division of Administration and Finance, in the absence of the President, decisions regarding closings or adjusted work schedules are made by the Vice President for Administration and Finance. In the absence of the Vice President for Administration and Finance, the decision is made by the Provost. Approved by: Gallaudet University Administration

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