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Last Revised: 31 January 2020

Refer Questions to: Finance Office, Controller


This policy applies to all offices and divisions of Gallaudet University.


All assets purchased by or donated to the University are considered the property of the entire institution and not that of any individual person or budget unit. Unit administrators are directly accountable for the property assigned to their unit(s) and must make every effort to protect the institution’s assets by observing the rules of prudent use. Further, unit administrators are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of property records and for notifying the appropriate office of any adjustments resulting from new acquisitions, the transfer of assets to another unit, or the disposal of surplus items. For the purposes of this policy, student organizations are considered budget units and bear full responsibility for property assigned to the group by the University.

Gallaudet University property is inventoried in accordance with the following classification criteria:

  • Class A: Items of tangible personal property having a unit cost of $5,000 or more and a useful life expectancy of five years.
  • Class B: Items of personal property acquired from the Federal Government, with the title to the property remaining with the Government.
  • Class C: Items of tangible personal property which are leased or loaned to the University
  • Class D: Items of tangible personal property which are gifts to the University and which are valued at $5,000 or more.


Definition: Computers (monitor, CPU, keyboard, or laptop) 5 years or older, as confirmed by a Gallaudet Technology Services technician, are considered obsolete with no intrinsic value.

Departments replacing obsolete computers have the option of disposing of the computer or selling the computer to a full-time employee for $50. For both options the department should put in a Gallaudet Technology Services HelpDesk request to have a technician confirm that the computer is 5 years old, or more, and to erase all data from the computer. Departments selling obsolete computers must keep a record of the serial numbers of pieces sold, name of buyer, amount paid, and date of transaction for audit purposes. Authorized buyers should obtain a receipt from the department establishing ownership. This transaction confirms that the obsolete computer has been sold and is no longer University property. This purchase option applies only to monitors, CPUs, keyboards, and laptops.

Surplus or obsolete property, other than computers sold to staff, is defined as items which are no longer functional within a budget unit. Surplus property is disposed of in accordance with the following priorities:

  • Repair and/or restoration for use by another department in lieu of a new purchase
  • Trade-in as redemption for cash value on a new purchase
  • Sale to a student, faculty, teacher, or staff member by way of public sale
  • Sale to an independent deaf group or organization
  • Sale to used-equipment or scrap dealer
  • Donation to charitable organization
  • Scrap as having no value

Gallaudet Technology Services (GTS) is responsible for the environmentally appropriate disposal of all obsolete computers. The Distribution Center is responsible for the disposal of all other University property.

Generally, the institution’s property is maintained and utilized on campus. University property, other than obsolete computers sold to full-time employees, may not be removed from the assigned budget unit or from campus without a properly authorized property pass form. These forms must be presented to the Department of Public Safety upon request. Property that is removed from campus may be used for institutionally sponsored or related purposes only. In no instance is Gallaudet property to be used for personal business or to perform work for another employer.

Any property issued or assigned to an employee must be returned upon termination. The unit administrator is responsible for ensuring that appropriate offices are notified of unreturned property. The employee must reimburse the University for any property not returned.

Employees of Gallaudet are responsible for promptly reporting any property loss to the Department of Public Safety.

Approved by: Gallaudet University Board of Trustees

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