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Room Lottery Application Forms will be available via at NOON on Monday, May 24, 2021


The Room Lottery is a system designed to provide eligible students with a fair and equal opportunity to request their preferred space in one of Gallaudet University’s residence halls.

Information contained in these pages is designed to answer questions pertaining to the Room Lottery and provide a step-by-step explanation of how the process works. Students are responsible for reading, understanding, and following important instructions, key dates and policies regarding the Room Lottery process. Failure to comply with all outlined procedures will render you ineligible to participate in the Room Lottery. We hope that you will find most of the answers to your questions in this packet but we invite you to contact any Residence Life staff if you have any additional questions.

All students are reminded that housing charges reflect the type of room the student chooses during the Room Lottery. Room rates vary based on room types; e.g., single, double, house, etc. Room rates and housing assignments are subject to change without notice. Cancellations after securing a room on campus will automatically result in a $500.00 Cancellation Fee. To obtain more information on cancellations, visit the Terms of Occupancy page.


To be eligible to participate in the Room Lottery process, you must be a current student (Term 1203) and a student for Fall 2021 (Term 1211). You must also complete your Course Registration via BISON prior to participating in the Room Lottery. To be able to complete your Course Registration, you need to:

  • ensure that you have a balance of $999.99 or under in your student account AND
  • pay off the balance IN FULL if you have a service indicator (RL2)with Residence Life.

Re-admitted students may participate in the Room Lottery when their Fall 2021 term is activated. If they wish to participate in the Room Lottery, Residence Life and Housing must be notified prior to the deadline. The Room Lottery Application Requirements remain the same for re-admitted students.

Incoming (new) freshmen students, transfer students, graduate students, and ELI students do not participate in the Room Lottery. Their room assignments will be determined by Residence Life and Housing.


Please visit the Timeline page to review the Room Lottery Timeline.

Housing Contract and Terms of Occupancy

When completing your Housing Application online via BISON, you will be directed to review the Housing Contract and Terms of Occupancy before you are able to save your Housing Application. Please be sure to review it and understand the changes outlined in the contract before you save your Housing Application. When you save your Housing Application, you are agreeing to the contract and electronically “signing” the contract, in which case is legally binding.

The most current Housing Contract and Terms of Occupancy can be found here.

Room Lottery General Information

To ensure you are all set to begin your Room Lottery Application process, here are some points to keep in mind.

  • You will be doing the Room Lottery ONLINE ONLY, including the application process and the selection process.
  • All rooms/suites must be occupied by the same gender.
  • All current first-year students will be housed in LLRH6.
  • Transfer students’ transferred credits will be included in the total number of credits.
  • Graduate Community in Carlin Hall is for graduate students only.
  • Graduating seniors who will be first year graduate students in the fall may reside in a double room in the Graduate Community.
  • Any student can sign up for single rooms in Ballard West. There are no required qualifications except the ranking of Lottery Points.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Those who have not participated in the Lottery process or missed the application deadline will be placed on the Waiting List. Residence Life and Housing reserves the right to assign students to vacant spaces.

Room Lottery Options

Please visit the Room Lottery Options page to review your room options.

Lottery Points

Please visit the Lottery Points page to understand how this process works.


Please visit the OSWD page.

Current First-Year Students

Please visit the First and Second-Year Students page.

Undergraduate Students

Please visit the Undergraduates page.

ELI Students

Please visit the ELI Students page.

Graduate Students

Please visit the Graduates page.

Waiting List

Please visit the Waiting List page.

Meal Plans

Please visit the Meal Plans page.


Please visit the Cancellations page.

Not Returning

Please visit the Not Returning page.

On-Campus Exemptions

Please visit the Exemptions page.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a Room Lottery Frequently Asked Questions page. Please feel free to visit.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask your residence hall staff, Graduate Assistant, Coordinator of Residence Education, or send an e-mail to Contact.

Room Lottery Application Requirements

Students who participate in the Room Lottery process must complete their Course Registration online prior to completing the Housing Application Form via their BISON account.

Please visit the Room Lottery Application Requirements page for more information.

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