A decision was made in your case and you were informed of your rights to appeal the decision(s) shared with you. If you decide to appeal the decision, please click on this link, Residence Life and Housing Appeal Form.

To assist you with understanding the appeal process, here are some important information to know.

The appeal must be made within five (5) business days of the date you were notified of the decision. The appeal form must be completed and submitted online.

Please follow the instructions completely. Failure to do so will result in delays or your appeal will not be reviewed.

When completing your appeal form, it must identify which ground(s) you are making this appeal on. You may choose one (1) or more ground(s) that are applicable to your reasons for appealing. An explanation must be provided to each ground selected.

The decision may be appealed on the following grounds:

  • The residence hall disciplinary conference was not conducted fairly and in conformity with prescribed procedures, which made it unfair. Deviations from designated procedures will not be a basis for sustaining an appeal unless significant unfairness results.
  • There is new or newly discovered information that could not have been produced at the time of the disciplinary conference. In order for the Director or his/her designee to consider new information sufficient to alter a decision, or other relevant facts not brought out in the original disciplinary conference, such information and/or facts must not have been known at the time of the original disciplinary conference by the appellant.
  • The decision was not supported by substantial information considering the record as a whole. That is, the facts in the case were not sufficient to establish that a violation of Residence Hall Policies and Procedures and/or the Student Code of Conduct occurred.
  • The sanction imposed was excessive and not appropriate for the violation.

The Director or his/her designee will review your appeal and you will be contacted via your Gallaudet e-mail account to schedule an appointment to discuss the appeal and to gather information regarding the incident from you and other relevant parties.

After considering all available information, the Director or his/her designee will decide whether to retain, revise, or reverse the decision and you will be informed of the decision through the Residence Life Appeal Decision letter sent to your Gallaudet e-mail account.

The decision of the Director of Office of Residence Life and Housing or his/her designee is final and is not appealable.

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