Our Housing Operations services covers everything related to the daily living in the residence hall rooms and on-campus apartments. This includes room lotteries, roommate changes, and housing assignments. We believe that a housing assignment entitles the resident the opportunity to be a part of a living and learning community.

We have six University residence halls and three Faculty Row houses totaling approximately 1,000 beds. In addition to the aforementioned residential facilities, we have housing at the Kendall Apartments where apartment units are available for use by families with children. We have housing for married couples without children in our University residence halls. For both Married Housing and Kendall Apartments, at least one spouse or parent must be a matriculated student at Gallaudet University.

Services Provided

  • Visitor Housing
    We handle Visitor Housing for visitors who come to Gallaudet to stay in our residence halls.
  • Commencement Housing
    Commencement Housing is designed to accommodate parents and families of graduating students every spring. After the residence halls have been vacated at the end of the Spring semester, we utilize the residence hall space for Commencement Housing.
  • Summer Housing
    Summer Housing accommodates matriculated Gallaudet students for on-campus living during the summer.
  • Student Room Linens
    Both new and returning students can order linens from On Campus Marketing for their residence hall room.

Contact Us

Residence Life and Housing

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