Instructions (OSPRS)

Below are instructions on how to access AdobeSign (formerly EchoSign). Please submit a new Help Desk request if you are still unable to access AdobeSign using these instructions.

To access AdobeSign (formerly EchoSign), the eSign service:

Open your Google mail using your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)

screenshot of web browser with google mail tab

Create a new tab in your browser and go to

screenshot of web browser with Adobe Sign tab

Click on the G+ Google button. Or click on the Gallaudet Single Sign-on link.

screenshot of Adobe Sign login page with "G+" Google button marked with red circle and arrow

screenshot of AdobeSign login page

If this is your first time doing this process, you may see a message from Google asking you about Adobe Sign access to your account. Click “Accept.”

screenshot of Adobe Sign permissions

Once you are signed in you will be taken to your dashboard.

Screenshot of Adobe Sign Dashboard

On the dashboard, select “Send from Library” and choose the appropriate form (i.e. OSP Intent to Submit FY2015 form). Click start.

Screenshot of Adobe Sign "Send" screen with circles and arrows indicating important features from instructions below.

Check the box for “Add Me.” You must check this box if you are a signer on the document.

In the “Recipients” section, enter the email for all necessary signers in the order listed in the form description. Tab after each name to enter the next.

Below the email addresses, click on the blue “Show cc:” and then type in the address for the OSP document receipt center ( and/or any other person who needs to be copied on your form.

Click the button that says “Send.” The document will automatically go first to a screen for you to enter the required information in ­­­the designated places. This information is intended to be broad at first but provide all the detail you can that is already available to you. Note: Be sure to not exceed the space allotted in each box or cell. Even though a scroll down tool may appear, do not exceed the space provided as text exceeding the space provided will not print in the final version for those approving your request.

Once all the fields are completed EchoSign will allow you to sign as PI/PD. It will proceed to the other parties for their signatures. EchoSign will provide you with a complete and signed copy for your records once all have signed off.

For all OSP AdobeSign forms, should you find an error after you have “sent” it for signature, please go to the “manage” section of EchoSign in your email account, select that form and then “cancel” it providing a reason for the cancellation. You will then need to send a corrected version or request the original sender resubmit the form.

PLEASE NOTE: For documents requiring the Provost’s signature, please contact us here. Documents sent directly to the Provost’s email may be delayed.

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