Research Compliance is a broad label for anything related to laws, regulations, rules, or policies that govern research. The Office of Research oversees or advises on these varied topics:

  • Conflict of Interest: COI disclosure forms and management plans are available for researchers. Financial COI management plans are required for those who receive PHS funding and has a significant financial interest to report. These forms are on MyGU and requires institutional login.

  • Human subjects protection: The Institutional Review Board is an invaluable resource and should be the first stop for Gallaudet researchers who work with human subjects or their data. Additionally, ethics training courses are available to Gallaudet faculty, staff, and student researchers through the CITI Program.

  • Research misconduct: This encompasses but is not limited to fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, and instances of material failure to comply with Federal requirements. The Office of Research leads or supports investigations, and makes official reports as warranted. The Office of Research files an annual report to the Office of Research Integrity, located within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. See Institutional Integrity Statement.

  • Subrecipient risk assessment: View the University’s policy on Subrecipient Monitoring. The Office of Research oversees subrecipient vs contractor determination and subrecipient risk assessment, and partners with principal investigators and the Finance Office in subrecipient monitoring. Forms are on MyGU and requires institutional login.

  • Uniform Guidance: The Uniform Guidance is a consolidation of the administrative, accounting, and audit requirements for expenditure of federal funds. You can contact the Office of Research for consultation on allowable costs, indirect and direct charges, auditing, etc.

  • University research policies and procedures: The Office of Research serves as researchers’ one stop resource various Gallaudet practices set at the institutional, divisional, and office level. These include effort reporting, FFATA reporting, participant payment, travel, Workday processes, and the Administration and Operations Manual and other official handbooks as relevant.

Additionally, the Office of Research manages agreements, such as MOUs and NDAs, that govern authorship, confidentiality, data management, human subjects protection, intellectual property, materials transfer, technology transfer, and other areas that may pertain to compliance. Certain forms and agreement templates are on MyGU and requires institutional login.

Contact us at research (@) gallaudet (.) edu if you would like to make a disclosure, request support or training, enter into a research agreement, or report an incident.

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