Whether you are an undergraduate eager to delve into a new research topic or a seasoned investigator craving a new environment, Gallaudet offers opportunities for engagement across all research career levels.

Undergraduates can get their feet wet in a project during a summer program or take advantage of scholarships and academic support during their entire course of study. We offer competitive travel awards so students can gain valuable experience presenting their work at academic conferences. Through our research and teaching scholar program, we welcome the broader network of deaf and hard of hearing scholars to experience the thriving environment at Gallaudet while furthering their careers. Explore the opportunities available to you below.


Publication Support and Subvention Program

A university’s research reputation rests, in part, on faculty publication of scholarship in reputable publication houses and journals. However, the costs of academic publishing increasingly fall to the author, who may be expected to cover expenses associated with typesetting, printing, editing, translation/interpretation, cover art, distribution...

Gallaudet Internal Seed Funding Program

The Gallaudet University Internal Seed Research Funding Program fosters research activity by Gallaudet and Clerc Center faculty and staff, as well as University students, by supporting research projects that have small funding requirements that can be used within the same fiscal year. The goal of the...

Grant Resubmission Awards Program

The Grant Resubmission Awards Program is a pilot project offering support to faculty for improving on already highly-rated proposals for resubmission. In recent years, funding for research has become increasingly competitive, with success rates for leading federal research agencies well below 20 percent. This means...

Student Research Opportunities

Opportunities for research are available to Gallaudet students each year. Students at Gallaudet have unparalleled opportunities to collaborate with faculty whose research is changing lives around the world. Several funding programs are listed below. Explore Gallaudet majors for more information on opportunities in specific fields....

Research & Teaching Scholar Program

As part of the Gallaudet University Research and Teaching Diversity Initiative, this competitive Scholar Program is designed to facilitate the development of deaf and hard of hearing faculty. The Research and Teaching Scholars program provides collaborative sessions, mentored projects, and a network of established colleagues....

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