A university’s research reputation rests, in part, on faculty publication of scholarship in reputable publication houses and journals. However, the costs of academic publishing increasingly fall to the author, who may be expected to cover expenses associated with typesetting, printing, editing, translation/interpretation, cover art, distribution and page charges. These “subvention” fees increase because expensive press runs may be limited, and university libraries now buy fewer books.

Purpose of the Office of Research Publication Support and Subvention Fund

The Office of Research’s Publication Support and Subvention Fund aims to ensure all peer-reviewed scholarship at Gallaudet University is formally published. It functions to offset a publisher’s production costs and removes the financial burden from the author to cover them. These costs may be associated with book production, scholarly publications, and/or creative work in the visual and performing arts. The program encourages support of the publication of high-quality academic work that has an impact in the author’s field, or that a publisher may hesitate to publish because of higher costs associated with artwork, images, interpretation, videos, permissions, and the like.

To find out more about eligibility and how to apply, please click here.


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