Applicant Eligibility

Requesting author must be the sole or primary author and currently appointed at Gallaudet University as a tenured faculty member, tenure-track faculty member, or research scientist. Priority will be given to faculty who are not yet tenured and have manuscripts accepted in high-impact or reputable peer-reviewed journals or venues.

Creative works must be produced/performed by the applicant or prominently featured (if created in collaboration with others).

Excluded from eligibility are: visiting faculty in the role of an adjunct or research scholar, staff, students, temporary faculty, individuals whose contracts will not be renewed the following year, or those who plan to resign in the current or subsequent academic year.

Publications can be in any language and discipline but must already have been accepted for publication. If the scholarship is coauthored with individuals from other institutions, all authors/institutions are expected to share subvention costs. Authors who will receive a cash advance or significant royalties for the work are not eligible.

Award Amounts

Faculty members are encouraged to pursue support from their Schools and other available sources, preferably before applying for this supplementary funding. Up to $2,000 may be requested to support the publication of a book/monograph. Requests to support the publication of a peer-reviewed article in a high-impact or reputable journal should not exceed $1,500. An increased level of support may be considered, but such requests must provide adequate and compelling justification.

Expense Guidelines

Subvention funds may be paid directly to a vendor or sponsor or may also be paid to the faculty member as reimbursement. If the book is not published, the author is expected to return the funds to the University.

Allowable Expenses:

  • Page charges
  • Fees around acquiring artwork, maps, photographs, and/or the costs of reproducing them. • Production of an interpretation of the work (between ASL/English).

Non-allowable Expenses:

  • Re-publication, reissuance, re-exhibition, re-performance of any work.
  • Routine author/creator activities, such as: indexing, copyediting, the purchase of copies, and reprint costs.
  • Research costs (course release, materials, travel, preparation of manuscripts, etc.)
  • Expenses for pedagogical improvement, such as workshops, speakers, course development
  • Non-refereed, non-scholarly publications
  • Publication of un-revised theses and dissertations

Application Process

Please include the following information in an email with attachments to Applications are reviewed in collaboration with Gallaudet University Library.

  • Letter of Request: This should include:
    • a concise description of the book or creative project outlining its significance to the discipline or field as well as its role in your larger research/creative agenda, and
    • a description of the kind and amount of subvention required, and other details pertinent to publication.
  • Copy of letter of acceptance from publisher.
  • A statement by the publisher demonstrating that a subvention of a specific amount is required and justification for that amount.
  • Invoice of completed work, in case of reimbursement.
  • Timeline and Acknowledgement

    Funds are allocated on a rolling basis. Successful awardees are expected to acknowledge support from the Office of Research at Gallaudet University in their published book, monograph, or article.

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