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The project aims to investigate the role of ASL phonology and the underlying neural substrates in solving single-digit multiplication problems.

In spoken languages, phonology and the left-lateralized language areas are recruited when verbally retrieving single-digit multiplication problems. The role of ASL phonology in arithmetic in general and specifically in the retrieval of multiplication problems is unknown, despite abundant literature addressing reading in ASL users.

In this study, we will recruit Deaf participants with profound to severe hearing loss who have been exposed to ASL prior to age 2 and have had substantial exposure throughout their educational upbringing. Participants will have no history of neurological or developmental disorders and no known learning disability.

Results will inform on the typical network involved in multiplication problems for ASL signers and outline a model to then investigate the impact of late ASL sign language exposure or math learning disability in ASL signers.

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Do expert signers recruit signed phonology processes while solving single digit multiplication problems?

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