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Students who enter Gallaudet’s Vestibular and Balance Lab are treated to innovative technologies and world-class instruction. Highlighted by the Oculus Rift virtual reality system, the lab allows students to investigate challenges individuals face as a result of age, disease, and a variety of influences on the vestibular system.

Current and previous projects include:

  • Spatial cognitive functions in deaf older adults, with and without vestibular impairment
  • Characteristics of vestibular complaints in deaf adults
  • Use of virtual reality goggles to replicate six conditions of sensory organization test (AuD research project)
  • Effects of insertion depth of irrigator tip on the magnitude of caloric responses (AuD student project)
  • Effects of caffeine abstinence on oculomotor function tests on videonystagmography (AuD student project)
  • Effects of gaze direction on amplitude of oVEMP (AuD student project)
  • Use of gyroscope to quantify sway magnitude on mCTSIB (AuD student project)
  • Virtual reality assessment of visual dependence (PhD student project).

More information about the V&B Lab is online.


The V&B Lab shares facilities with the Dizziness and Balance Center for basic clinical equipment such as:

  • Videonystagmography
  • Electronystagmography
  • Video head-impulse test
  • Auditory evoked potentials (ABR, VEMP, ECochG)
  • Balance Master
  • Rotary Chair

In addition, we have space and equipment dedicated for research, including the data analysis room and a test room with an Oculus Rift virtual reality system.


The laboratory is directed by Dr. Chizuko Tamaki, AuD.

Collaborators include:

  • Dr. Kristen Maul
  • Ph.D. students:
    • Daniel Talian, AuD
    • Sarah Sparks, AuD
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