The goal of the SL3D lab is to identify evidence-based practices for language and literacy assessment and intervention for deaf and hard of hearing children who are struggling to acquire language skills. Projects often focus on the signing modality. The lab has potential to impact deaf education or working with D/HH children notable projects include building assessment and intervention strategies, evaluating sign language learning outcomes, and exploring intervention techniques that leverage narrative and expository genres for deaf and hard of hearing students in the middle grades.


The lab is equipped with measures to collect behavioral data for sign and spoken language acquisition, and academic achievement in reading, writing, and math. In addition, the lab has a wearable eye-tracking device that allows participants to move around and interact with the environment. Testing and intervention activities are conducted in rooms that are child friendly.


The lab is directed by Dr. James McCann, EdD, CCC-SLP. Collaborators include Dr. Karen Garrido-Nag, PhD, CCC-SLP and MS SLP students.

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Signed Language Development, Disorders, and Deprivation (SL3D) Lab

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