Joshua Miller

Associate Mental Health Counselor

Counseling and Psychological Services

202/250-2300 (videophone)


I'm from the amazing Pacific Northwest! I was born and raised there, I attended a mixture of schools with mainstream programs and Deaf schools. I graduated from the Washington School for the Deaf in 1999 and became a Gallaudet student in Fall of the same year. 

I graduated from Gallaudet with a Bachelor's in Philosophy... in 2010. Why so long? I never settled on a major, going from major path to major path, I became a part time student for a while. Only 124 credits were required to graduate from Gallaudet, I graduated with 167 credits. 

In 2013, I entered the Masters of Social Work program at Portland State University, this time I didn't delay my graduation, I went all out and graduated in two years with a Master's degree in social work. I was the only Deaf person in the program for the first year; this was an extremely beneficial scenario because I was able to bring up the topic of audism in discussions about oppression. 

I returned to Gallaudet during the summer of 2016 and worked as a CRE (Coordinator of Residence Education) for four years. Now, I am working as a Mental Health Counselor with CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services). 

Other things about me: I enjoy biking, rock climbing, Netflix, PC games, wandering around DC in nice weather. I am vegan, I believe that animals have the same rights to life and liberty as humans do.

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Joshua Miller


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