The Transformative Times with Workday Newsletter is the Official Newsletter for the Operational Transformation Project. This website is the one-stop shop for all previous newsletters regarding the progress of the Workday Student implementation. Select the hyperlink in each volume to access the complete version of the newsletter sent to Gallaudet University! This website will be updated monthly with the latest newsletter posted!

2024 Vol 8

Image of man signing TTW Newsletters

As we celebrate the accomplishments of our recent graduates, who marked a significant milestone at Commencement on May 10th, we also invite you to explore the latest developments in this month’s edition of Transformation Times. Discover how we’re continuously enhancing your experience at Gallaudet University and supporting our community’s journey towards excellence.

Transformative Times with Workday June 2024 Vol 8

Workday Academic Features are LIVE!

We are thrilled to announce that after months of meticulous planning, testing, and preparation, the day has finally arrived—we officially went live with a major component of Workday, often referred to as Workday Student. on April 1st, 2024! This occasion marks a major step towards improving the student, staff, and faculty experience, streamlining processes, and increasing efficiency.

Workday Academic Features are LIVE!

Calling all Students & Employees!

Screenshot of MyGU Operational Transformation- Focus on the future feed screenshot

Check out the latest post within MyGU on the Operational Transformation – Focus on the Future page! April is the month to visit SLCC Workday Support Center (pop-up hub) will be opening right around the corner from our new Student Services Center in SLCC, which includes the Registrar’s Office, and alongside our Academic Advisors there. Select the link below to find out more!

Visit the SLCC Workday Support Center

March 2024 Vol 7

Transformative Times with Workday March 2024 Vol 7 Screenshot

This month’s issue will focus on our new process for registration, and give Faculty inside info into the applications in Workday that will be used as instructors. We also are sharing all the details about the upcoming Workday Support Center popup for the month of April. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Transformative Times with Workday March 2024 Vol 7

Reminder! Countdown to Workday for Students!

Screen shot of Workday is Coming for Student Email Subject Line

You can access the PDF version of the email sent by the Office of the Registrar to Gallaudet University students regarding Workday Student by selecting the link below.

Reminder! Workday is coming for Students!

February 2024 Vol 6

As we approach the significant next phase of our Workday Student implementation, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on our journey since September 2022 and prepare for the exciting developments ahead. Our project has steadily unfolded through a series of milestones, each designed to enhance our academic and administrative ecosystem in alignment with our academic calendar and activities.

* We are sorry that the most recent edition of the Transformative Time newsletter does not include a video as the previous editions. However, we would like to still update you regarding the implementation of Workday Student. We acknowledge the significance of keeping you informed is very important.

February 2024 Vol 6 Transformative Times with Workday Newsletter

January 2024 Vol 5

As we step into a new year, the January newsletter brings exciting updates and progress from the heart of our Workday Student Project. The theme resonating through these pages is one of collaboration, transparency, and progress. Join us on a journey through the latest in Academic Management, a deep dive into the enhanced Grading feature, and updates from our dedicated project teams. We’re committed to delivering a seamless academic experience, and this newsletter is a testament to our shared achievements and the exciting prospects on the horizon.

January 2024 Vol 5 Transformative Times with Workday Newsletter

December 2023 Vol 4

As we approach the close of an eventful year, it’s with
great pride and excitement that we reflect on the
remarkable journey we’ve embarked upon together. The
past two and a half years have seen us dedicated to a
operational and technological transformation. Within
this endeavor, the accomplishments with Workday
Student in just the last year have been nothing short of
extraordinary. Please join us as we share and celebrate
some of these accomplishments.

December 2023 Vol 4 Transformative Times with Workday Newsletter

November 2023 Vol 3

This month’s newsletter brings you the latest updates on Workday Student’s progression, the introduction of new onboarding processes, and how these changes will streamline operations across the university. Read on for detailed breakdowns, upcoming training sessions, and what these transformations mean for you.

November 2023 Vol 3 Transformative Times with Workday Newsletter

October 2023 Vol 2

In this issue, we have more testimonial videos to share from new perspectives in the project team in our Community Spotlight section. In the Project Update, we will provide further insight into the various groups that make up our large project team, called workstreams, as well as an update on their progress. In Deep Dives & Highlights, we will take a closer look at an upcoming feature called Academic Plans and highlight important dates for the upcoming Move to Production 1 (MTP-1). Finally, in our Events and Resources section, we will guide you through where to find and how to add to our FAQ.

October 2023 Vol 2 Transformative Times with Workday Newsletter

September 2023 Vol 1

As we approach the first Workday Student go-live date, we are excited to launch this monthly newsletter. We’ll keep you informed and engaged with Project Updates, Deep Dives into system processes, and valuable resources in our Events and Resources section. Join us on this journey to stay informed.

September 2023 Vol 1 Transformative Times with Workday Newsletter

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