As we embark on the journey of Operational Transformation, our primary objective is to improve the overall work experience of our esteemed faculty, staff, and teachers. Our initiative involves a collaborative effort from the entire community to streamline HR and Finance tasks, freeing up valuable time for our employees at Gallaudet University and the Clerc Center.

Moving forward with Operation Transformation, we will implement Workday Student as the next step to improve the experience for all academic community members – faculty, staff, and students. This integration is intended to enhance the overall quality of services and streamline processes to ensure more efficient and effective workflows for faculty, staff, and students.

Through the implementation of Operational Transformation, we can enhance our focus on improving our people, culture, processes, and technology. This will enable us to invest more time and energy in fulfilling the Gallaudet Promise and achieve our strategic goals more efficiently and effectively. We strongly believe this effort will bring about a positive change and enhance the quality of work-life for our dedicated workforce and student experience at Gallaudet University.


At GU, we firmly believe that people come first. Every member of our community is valued equally, and we make it our mission to accommodate their individual needs while ensuring academic consistency and accessibility.

We strive to promote an exceptional employee and student experience, adopting an end-user approach and developing systems and processes that minimize the burden on students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Our resources are user-friendly and easily accessible, empowering self-service and seamless integration across Gallaudet.


We aim to follow the best practices and procedures that Workday, and our implementation partner suggested. We aim to adapt our processes to fit the product rather than vice versa.

Our focus is on transitioning from manual work to technology-based processes. When building systems and making decisions, we consider the impact on people, costs, and ongoing support, as these factors affect how we provide services to our students and employees.


Gallaudet University has thoroughly assessed the benefits and limitations of incorporating a cloud-based system. By utilizing this advanced technology, Gallaudet can revolutionize its Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance, and Student processes, promoting growth through flexible and innovative technology.

We will replace outdated technologies like PeopleSoft and HR Share email inboxes with Workday and ServiceNow. We aim to configure these systems to enable Gallaudet to fulfill the GU Promise while prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion, innovation, sustainability, and transformation. We will design and construct systems that incorporate best practices, optimize usability, and are fully integrated to provide consistent, timely, and effective solutions throughout Gallaudet University.


Workday Student

The Workday Student system is designed for colleges and universities and is built on advanced cloud-based technology, providing a modern student information system.

Workday Core (HR-FIN)

Workday Core is comprised of HR and Finance modules. Launched September 2022


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