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Mandatory Business Registration for All U.S. and International Students

Business Registration is a mandatory process that students must complete each semester. Student Financial Services (SFS) recognizes the information provided within Business Registration as a student’s official confirmation that they will attend that particular semester. When completing Business Registration, students will be prompted to read and fill out information pertaining to that semester. Please make sure to click all links and tabs. Once Business Registration is completed, you will receive a congratulatory message. Failure to complete Business Registration will result in your classes being dropped. If you have any trouble accessing Business Registration, please send an email to Contact

Business Registration Guide

We are excited to see all our students returning back to campus! As you can imagine, things have changed quite a bit since COVID-19. Each of us has learned new skills and adapted to life online, but we are thrilled to see that Bison spirit back on campus. Since COVID, we have had the opportunity to make some improvements with our student processes, including Business Registration!

Business Registration is now a part of a series of task in new “Activity Guide” related to student services that start as early as the enrollment process until the last day of add-drop. You may have already completed the Housing, Meal Plan, and Health Insurance tasks. During the week of July 26-30, you will receive a message that will inform you that the Business Registration task is available in Bison. Please see the picture below.

All students will need to acknowledge they will adhere to the Refund Policy (1), Student Handbook (2), and Student Pledge (3); and they will need to complete/update the Emergency Contact (4), and they will either accept or deny the Disclosure of Information (5) and accept the Promissory Note (6).

You will need to complete the tasks done as soon as possible to gain access to Gallaudet’s optional book voucher to purchase books online with the understanding that your orders will be charged to your student account later. The deadline for that task will be on the last day of add/drop for courses.

ELI and UGRD on Sept 3rd, 2021

GRAD on Sept 10th, 2021

If you do not see the Business Registration task, you may have not registered for or enrolled in classes. Please see your Advisor to follow up on your class schedule and if needed, to register and enroll in your classes.

If you have registered for courses, but you are not seeing the tasks, you may have a hold preventing you from moving forward with Business Registration. For all financial holds (ex: SF1), please contact Contact.

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Business Registration Instructions

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