International Student Tuition and Fees

Payment Requirements for International Students

  • Please review the tuition and fee information
  • All tuition, fees, and any other costs incurred are due prior to the first day of classes. If a payment plan is needed, please contact Student Financial Services. We will ask for approval from the International Office prior to setting up the payment plan. 
  • Payments are to be made via GallyPay if possible. Using PayMyTuition, international students will have the ability to pay using their current country’s currency. The exchange rates are decided by PayMyTuition- not Gallaudet. 
  • If receiving Embassy support, all financial guarantee letters are due before the end of the semester. 

How to make your payment

Tuition Surcharge for International Students

The tuition rate for international students reflects the 100% tuition surcharge as required by amendments to the Education of the Deaf Act. International students from developing countries will receive a 50% international tuition surcharge credit on their student bill.

An international student will retain the 50% developing country tuition surcharge credit as long as this student’s enrollment status remains uninterrupted through the academic years. This applies to when a country’s status changes from developing to non-developing. A surcharge cannot be adjusted retroactively if the country’s status changes from non-developing to developing.

For the purposes of determining the developing country surcharge reduction, Gallaudet will consider the applicant as enrolled on the date that the admission packet and Form I-20 or DS-2019 are mailed to the individual or the first day of classes, whichever is earlier. The list of developing countries that are in effect on that earlier date (mailing or first day of classes) will be applied to that new international student. This applies to new applicants and to students who move from ELI to undergraduate/graduate and from undergraduate to graduate programs.

Contact Us

Student Financial Services

College Hall B04

(202) 250-2453

8:30 am-4:30 pm
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