Areas of Study

Fall 2022 – Spring 2023

Number of Credits Graduate Tuition Non-Developing Country Developing Country Health Services Fee

Student Activities Fee Technology Fee
9-18 $9,090 $18,180 $13,635 $250 $150 $200
8 $8,080 $16,160 $12,120
7 $7,070 $14,140 $10,605

6 $6,060 $12,120 $9,090
5 $5,050 $10,100 $7,575
4 $4,040 $8,080 $6,060
3 $3,030 $6,060 $4,545
2 $2,020 $4,040 $3,030
1 $1,010 $2,020 $1,515

Note: This reflects the international surcharge at 100% for students from non-developing countries and 50% for students from developing
countries. Part-time status for undergraduate study is 1-11 credits.

Changes for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

  • The tuition rates for the 21-22 year did not increase; however, the rates reflect the 2019-2020 academic rates prior to COVID-19
  • The Student Activities Fee has increased from $138 per semester to $150 per semester. The Student Activities Fee is paid by all full-time undergraduate, graduate, and English Language Institute students and this fee is dedicated to student extracurricular programming and services that enhance all aspects of student life at Gallaudet University. The Student Activities Fee is administered by the Division of Student Affairs with support of the Student Body Government and the Graduate Student Association.
  • The Health Services Fee has increased from $125 per semester to $250 per semester. The health service fee ensures full-time, actively enrolled students, unlimited access to Student Health Service (SHS). Students will receive treatment without incurring any additional costs, such as deductibles or copays, etc. There is no charge for medicines or medical supplies dispensed by SHS.
  • A new fee, Technology Fee, will be implemented beginning Fall 2021. The technology fee, managed by Gallaudet Technology Services (GTS), will support provisioning of a technology devices(ex. iPad Pro with Pencil or Macbook Air with M1 Chip)

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