Gallaudet University offers a choice of four meal plans to all students.

Academic Year Fall 2023 through Spring 2024
Block Plans Dining Dollars Rate Per Semester Approximate Meals Per Week
250 Meal Plan $50 $3,585 15 Meals
220 Meal Plan $50 $3,446 13 Meals
190 Meal Plan $150 $3,446 12 Meals
150 Meal Plan $150 $3,327 10 Meals
Meal Plan Eligibility Block Plan Dining Dollars
Residential Student Lives on-campus Yes – Required Optional
Commuter Student Lives off-campus Yes – Optional Optional
Blocks vs. Dining Dollars Value Expiration Refundable
Block Meals 1 block = 1 meal End of each semester Prorated based on an approved withdrawal from the University or Leave of Absence (LOA)
Dining Dollars 1 Dining Dollar = $1.00 USD Never expires No
Campus Eateries Dining Style Meal Blocks Dining Dollars Cash or Credit Card
Plaza Dining Hall All you care to eat Yes Yes Yes
The Bistro at KCH All you care to eat No Yes Yes
Java Corner A la carte No Yes Yes
Marketplace Cafe A la carte *Meal Exchange Yes Yes
Rathskellar Pub A la carte *Meal Exchange Yes Yes
* A Meal Exchange option will vary by location but will guarantee a full on-the-go meal with an entree, side and beverage, costing one block.
Important Meal Plan Info Fall Semester Spring Semester
Start Dates First date of the semester August 26, 2023 – Brunch January 13, 2024 – Brunch
End Dates Resident hall closing day December 17, 2023 – Brunch May 5, 2024 – Brunch
Does Not Cover All students are responsible for their meals during these periods. Winter Break Spring Break and Commencement Week
**Downgrading meal plans September 1, 2023 January 19, 2024
**Upgrading meal plans Anytime Anytime

For Assistance If you are uncertain which meal plan to choose, you can always contact, a team member will work with you to select the best meal plan based on your eating habits. **Meal plan upgrades or downgrades should be communicated via email to


  • Which meal plan is the most popular?
    • 190 Meal plan is the most popular plan
  • What is a block meal?
    • 1 block = 1 meal
  • Can I change my meal plan once the semester has begun?
    • You have until the same day of class drop/add to downgrade your meal plan
  • How do I know which meal plan to choose?
    • Start with a low block meal plan
    • Block meal plans can be upgraded anytime throughout the semester
  • What if I run out of dining dollars?
    • You can add dining dollars at any time from your Bison account
    • Dining dollars will be added to your ID within 24 hours
  • How can I check my dining dollar or block meal balances?
    • Your balances are at the bottom of your receipt
  • Can I treat a friend/guest?
    • Yes, but you and your ID must be present at the time of purchase
  • What if I lose my ID?
    • Send an email to Contact as soon as possible
    • Go to DPS for a new ID as soon as possible
  • What if I’m diabetic and need to eat after the cafeteria is closed?
    • Send an email to Contact to let us know
    • Provide medical documentation for approved kitchen access
  • What is a Meal Exchange?
    • Offered at the Rathskeller and MarketPlace only
    • With a meal exchange, block meal plan members can use one of their “meal swipes” at the Rathskeller or MarketPlace to add even more variety to the many dining options available to students.
    • Meal Exchange options vary by location but will guarantee a full on-the-go meal with an entree, side and beverage.
  • What if I take a leave of absence or withdraw from Gallaudet?
    • Your meal plan will be prorated based on the day we receive formal notification from the Registrar’s Office of your leave of absence or withdrawal AND Residence LIfe confirms you have moved out of the dorm.
Board Waiver

In accordance with the Gallaudet University's Residence Hall contract, all students who live on campus are required to purchase a Meal Plan. Occasionally, students living on campus may have a documented food-related medical condition that cannot be reasonable accommodated through the campus food service provider....

Campus Services

Guideline Type: Procedures

Summer Meal Plan

  Summer Meal Plan Value Expiration Refundable Dining Dollars 1 Dining Dollar = $1.00 USD Never expires No All students attending Gallaudet’s Summer Session/s and/or living in the dorms must participate in the Summer Meal Plan program.  The Summer Sessions will run from May 16...

Campus Services

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Meal Program and Covid Protocols

We are prepared to meet the unusual circumstances presented by the COVID-19 virus while still offering delicious and healthy meal options for our community. The Plaza Dining Hall will open as a staff-served and/or take-out program only, emphasizing and prioritizing safety by minimizing indoor interactions,...

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Campus Services

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