Summer Meal Plan Value Expiration Refundable
Dining Dollars 1 Dining Dollar = $1.00 USD Never expires No

All students attending Gallaudet’s Summer Session/s and/or living in the dorms must participate in the Summer Meal Plan program.  The Summer Sessions will run from May 16 – August 5, 2023.  Each meal plan is a suggested Dining Dollar amount that should carry you through the number of weeks you select.  This is roughly based on 3 meals per day, at $21/day.  All selections are a la carte, and depending on your selections, this may be higher or lower.  Dining Dollars can be used at the MarketPlace, Monday-Friday, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, for brunch and dinner.  Dining dollars are non-refundable; any remaining balance will roll over to the fall semester.  

Session 5W1 May 16 – June 16 $663.00 Dining Dollars
Session 5W2 June 20 – July 23 $663.00 Dining Dollars
Session 6W1 May 15 – June 23 $834.00 Dining Dollars
Session 10W May 15 – July 21 $1,434.00 Dining Dollars
Session 12W May 15 – Aug 4 $1,734.00 Dining Dollars

At any time, you may add more Dining Dollars, of any denomination, to your account.  If you are arriving early or your stay doesn’t coincide with any of the sessions above, we suggest adding @ $21/day or $150/week.  If you have any questions, please contact Food.Services



Campus Eateries Dining Style Meal Period Menus and Hours of Operations
Marketplace Cafe A la carte to-go program Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch Bon Appetit Management Company
KCH Bistro A la carte to-go program Lunch FLIK

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