When a third-party agency commits to paying for all or a portion of a student’s costs charged to their official student account, Student Financial Services is responsible for the billing of those costs authorized for payment. Examples of a third-party agency are: vocational rehabilitation, international embassies.

Authorization of Payment

If a third-party agency agrees to financially support a student, the agency or student must provide our office with a valid authorization or purchase order. This authorization allows us to bill the third-party agency for the items outlined. An authorization must include:
  • the student’s name
  • the semester(s) being covered
  • specific charges being covered (i.e. tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies)
  • the amounts being covered for each item
Our office’s preferred method for receiving authorizations is via email. Authorizations may be emailed to our third-party billing address. Note: Our office does not routinely send student account information to third-party agencies. If a third-party agency requires a summary of a student’s direct costs prior to generating authorization paperwork, please either contact the student for this information or contact us.

Posting and Billing of Third-Party Authorizations

Upon receipt of an authorization or purchase order, our office will credit the student’s account for the total amount authorized. This credit will be labeled as Third-Party Authorization on the student’s account. This Third-Party Authorization credit is not an actual payment. It’s credited to the student’s account so the student is aware how much their third-party organization has agreed to pay and what their remaining responsibility is. In essence, Gallaudet is extending a credit to the student on behalf of the third-party agency. Note: Our office considers authorizations as guaranteed funds. Authorizations with stipulations on grades will not be credited to the student’s account. After all charges are final and posted, our office will prepare and send an official invoice to facilitate receiving payment. An agency should not expect to receive an invoice unless they have provided our office with the authorization paperwork. All invoices will be mailed unless our records indicate the counselor listed on the authorization is able to accept invoices via email. If an agency would like to enroll in electronic invoicing, please send an email to Contact here indicating so. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice and no later than the due date listed on the invoice.

Student Responsibility

Students supported by a third-party agency have certain responsibilities to fulfill in order to ensure their benefit is properly applied and renewed each semester. Students who receive third-party support should do the following each semester:
  • monitor their student account throughout the semester to ensure their third-party authorization is applied and is for the correct amount; if changes occur, it is the student’s responsibility to share that with their third-party agency accordingly
  • pay any remaining balance on their student account before the payment deadline published on the academic calendar
  • provide their third-party agency with any items they need in order to renew support for the following semester (e.g. final grades/transcript, upcoming semester student bill and class schedule)

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