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The course addresses critical topics relating to the education of Latino deaf and hard of hearing students. It provides teachers and other providers with the knowledge base they need to help meet the needs of Latino deaf and hard of hearing students. The knowledge base for this course is grounded in multicultural foundations. Latino deaf and hard of hearing students are currently one-fourth of all the school-age deaf and hard of hearing Pre-K-12 population, and their numbers grow yearly. A majority of these students are from Spanish-speaking homes, and many are immigrants, or children of immigrants. Topics addressed include: the diversity of Latino deaf and hard of hearing learners, home language issues, collaboration with Latino families, culturally responsive pedagogy, assessment issues, curriculum and materials, working with Spanish-dominant students, and under schooled students, and improving school achievement. This course has a multidisciplinary orientation and is an elective offering for graduate students studying deaf education, school counseling, school psychology, social work, educational administration, and other disciplines. It is also designed for professional currently working with deaf and hard of hearing students as teachers, school counselors, school psychologists, school social workers, administrators, and special educators, particularly those who work with (or will work with) deaf/hard of hearing Latino students and families.

Program: Education

Credit: 3

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