The Office for Career Success welcomes you and your company to recruit hardworking and highly motivated Gallaudet students and alumni for internships and jobs within your organization. Our relationship with employers is vital to student success. Throughout the academic year, we team up with employers to educate and prepare our students for meaningful careers, and we offer many recruiting options. Engaging with our students can be done virtually and in-person via:

  • Free online job postings
  • On-campus interviews
  • Internship & job fairs
  • On-campus information sessions, displays, and classroom visits
  • Off-campus employer information sessions
  • Mock interview/resume review sessions

Internship & Job Fairs

Our Internship & Job Fair is one of the best ways to reach students and alumni. The fair takes place on campus each semester. You can find information regarding our fairs on your Bison CareerLink page.

On-Campus Sessions, Displays, and Visits

Information sessions, displays, and classroom visits/presentations are an excellent way to brand your organization on campus and create interest in your company. To schedule a visit, please contact us at least 30 days in advance of your desired date.

Off-Campus Sessions

Off-campus employer information sessions are a handy tool for generating student interest in your organization. Arranging student visits to your workplace can promote your organization and develop relationships that will attract Gallaudet students and alumni to your workforce. The design of a visit is up to your company. Students can tour a workplace, meet with various employees, and learn firsthand about different jobs and related opportunities within a career field.

Goals of the Visits

  • To introduce Gallaudet students and alumni to your company
  • To enhance the interest of Gallaudet students and alumni in internship and employment opportunities at your company
  • To aid in your company’s diversity recruitment efforts for a more inclusive workforce.
  • To dispel fears about hiring people who are deaf.

Free Online Job Postings

To post internships, part-time jobs, or full-time professional positions:

  • Visit the Bison CareerLink
  • Click “Employers”
  • Click “Register” (if you are a new employer) and “Post Local Job”
  • If you are a returning employer, log into your account and post your job

On-Campus Interviews

The Office for Career Success provides a comfortable reception area and interview office, allowing employers access to a computer, telephone, and videophone. You will need to request the space at least one month in advance, provide a complete position announcement, and send promotional materials. You can do some interviews virtually. Please contact us for details or to set up an on-campus interview session.

Mock Interview/Resume Review Sessions

Mock Interviews and Resume Review Sessions allow our students to practice their interview skills and receive employers’ feedback on their materials. Employers have successfully used these sessions as a recruiting tool. Students may sign up for 30-minute time slots, allowing 15-20 minutes of interviewing and 10-15 minutes of feedback from you. These sessions help students identify areas they need to work on before they do an actual interview or submit resumes for internships and jobs. Employers may participate for an entire day or during hours that are convenient to their schedule.

Contact Us

Office for Career Success

JSAC (Jordan Student Academic Center) Suite 2200

9:00 am-5:00 pm
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