Officials from Gallaudet University and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed a five-year memorandum of understanding (MOU) on September 20. According to Dr. Julie Tibbitt, EdS ’18 & PhD ’20, “This MOU, formally titled ‘Memorandum of Understanding between Gallaudet University and the United States Environmental Protection Agency’ commits both parties to collaboration toward increasing student awareness and interest in careers involving human health and the environment. EPA will provide ongoing technical assistance toward environmental education, while Gallaudet will assist EPA with the recruitment of qualified candidates.  

Two men at a table signing papers.
Vaughn Noga and Roberto Sánchez

Roberto Sánchez, Interim Dean for Academic and Career Success, signed the MOU for Gallaudet, along with Vaughn Noga, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Environmental Information, Office of Mission Support and Chief Information Officer. Several EPA officials were in attendance: Ashraf Mohamed, Office of Mission Support Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager; Helen Wooden-Aguilar, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Administration and Resources Management; Kimberly Patrick, Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator; and Jill Smink, Policy, Planning and Evaluation Program Team Lead. Additionally, Anthony Napoli assisted with the planning.  

According to the MOU, the EPA “leads the nation’s environmental science, research, education, and assessment efforts. The mission of the EPA is to protect human health and the environment. EPA consistently demands highly trained, diverse professionals in science, technology, and policy to fulfill its mission. To meet environmental research needs and encourage full representation of all individuals, EPA seeks to establish innovative partnerships to encourage the participation of diverse students in science and technology fields.” EPA also employs a number of Gallaudet alumni.  

Gallaudet has entered into several memoranda of understanding with federal agencies and other entities across the private and public sectors over the years. These agreements typically provide for ongoing collaboration in a variety of areas, including educational partnerships, where agency employees present to students in classroom settings, and internship and employment opportunities. The Office for Career Success maintains a list of past and current MOUs, and seeks to enter into more in the years to come.

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