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Deaf Organizations in Macau

澳門聾人協會 (Macau Deaf Association)



Caixa Postal P.O. Box 1892

電話 (Tel): +853 2848 2984

傳真 (Fax): +853 2848 2976


Description:Provides services for deaf people; promotes communication with the community.

聾人服務中心 (Service Centre for the Deaf)



Travessa das Pedrinhas No.33 r/c, Macau

電話 (Tel): +853 2826 1658, +853 2823 3583

傳真 (Fax): +853 2826 1604


啟聰中心 (Kai Cong Center (Early Education and Training Center for Hearing-Impaired Children)



Travessa das Pedrinhas, no. 65 r/c, Macau

P.O. Box 1892, Macau

電話 (Tel): +853 2841 5554

傳真 (Fax): +853 2841 5459


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