Gallaudet University offers the Online Degree Program, an online undergraduate degree attainment avenue for degree students who have accumulated 45 hours of college credits.

Online Degree Program General Education Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts

English One Composition & One Literature 6
ASL One Composition & One Literature 6
Humanities, Communication & Arts, Social Sciences and Business Must take at least one course in three of the four categories 24
Natural Sciences 3-4
Mathematics 3-4
Total 42-44
  • English (one composition and one literature course) – 6 Credits
  • American Sign Language (ASL) – one composition and one literature course (Learners must take the ASL Placement Test – ASLPT – to determine ASL readiness. Some learners may need to take ASL 1, 2, and/or 3 before being able to register for ASL 125) – 6 Credits
  • Humanities, Communication & Arts, Social Sciences, and Business – For a more diverse education, students must take at least one course in three out of the four listed categories – 24 Credits
  • Natural Sciences 3 – 4 Credits
  • Mathematics 3 – 4 Credits

    TOTAL 42-44 Credits

Minnesota General Education Standard

Online Degree Program students who are Minnesota residents must satisfy the Minnesota Degree General Education Standards for baccalaureate degree. For additional information on these requirements, contact undergraduate admissions.

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