Gallaudet University is a member institution of the OCICU Consortium. OCICU currently has over 100 member institutions and 20 providers/member institutions. Students that meet the requirements for online course participation can select from the approved course listings for their institution.

OCICU courses are offered in an accelerated format, usually five or eight weeks long. Students register for OCICU courses, pay tuition, and receive grades through GU just as they would any other courses at GU. *Some graduate-level courses are available to graduate career students.


If you wish to enroll in OCICU courses, you must:

  • Be a degree-seeking student
  • Be in good academic and financial standing at GU
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA (CUM GPA for UG career students)
  • Be able to have unlimited access to a computer with internet
  • Verify that your computer meets the minimum system requirements established by the provider so that you can fully access the online environment
  • Have permission from your program advisor and the Director of Distance Education (Dean’s permission required for UG students requesting more than 1 OCICU course per semester) and if you desire to carry more than the maximum credit load for the term
  • Non-participation warnings are NOT acceptable – a 2nd warning may put your OCICU course enrollment into jeopardy with either the provider institution or with Gallaudet (administratively). Students may NOT retake an OCICU course
  • Failed courses may prevent participation for an academic year


Student degree candidates should not request a 2nd or 3rd session OCICU course in the same semester as their degree requirements must be satisfied for degree award, else grading and any incomplete or disputed grades will require deferment of their A.D.G. (anticipated date of graduation). Graduate students should not request undergraduate courses for degree requirement credits.


Students: Complete student sections of the OCICU Authorization form and review and sign all OCICU student requests and commitment areas. Have your academic advisor sign their permission and the commitment included. If you have requested more than one (1) OCICU course in a semester, your program dean must also grant permission. Exceeding the maximum credits for a semester will also require the dean’s signature approval.

Additional Information

Students requiring full-time credits in a semester for financial aid, VR, VA tuition assistance/support should not depend on any OCICU course.

Students need to realize that OCICU course changes (cancellations, drop or course withdrawals) may impact their financial aid, etc., degree requirements, and campus residence status.

Students that are degree candidates in a semester in which they are taking a 2nd or 3rd session OCICU course, may need to defer their graduation (degree award) date. Students should also not seek any incomplete grades without consulting the Consortium Coordinator & Registrar.

For questions or concerns, please contact us.

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