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Students who have started a bachelor’s degree program may be eligible for Gallaudet’s online degree completion program. Students in online degree programs are not required to come to campus. Currently, online degrees are offered for three major field tracks: Communication Studies, Deaf Studies and Psychology.



Program Questions
Applicants to the ODCP do not need to show proof of health insurance.
There are 8 weeks in one session. For a semester, there are two sessions.
Most of our learners take six credits in one session. You can take more, but it may be overwhelming, and might interfere with your day-to-day operation. If you take only three credits, you may risk losing financial aid. See financial information
Our online courses use Blackboard as the learning management system. Text and video-based objectives, discussion boards, activities, and assignments for the week are grouped into weekly modules. You will have to log in with your Bison account to submit assignments electronically and participate in course discussions. Since the courses are asynchronous, you can go in the course at the time that is convenient for you, but you will have to finish your work within a specific time frame. Good time management skills are essential to succeed in these highly interactive and learner-centered courses.
You can take a course through the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU).
The ODCP is for students who have accumulated 60 hours of college credits toward a bachelor’s degree, either at Gallaudet or at other institutions and who elect to transfer to Gallaudet to successfully finish that degree. Candidates will be assigned a faculty advisor from their designated major or minor programs. This major advisor will work with the student to develop a comprehensive degree plan that outlines the coursework and assessment path toward B.A. degree completion. A degree earned through the Online Degree Completion Program will be indicated on the student’s transcript.
Eligibility Questions
You are technically a readmit, but because you’re applying for a new program, you will be considered a new student, and you will have to pay for the enrollment and orientation fees.
International students are welcome to apply for the Online Degree Completion Program provided that they are not in the United States.
Other FAQs

You will be responsible for obtaining your own computer equipment and internet access and are expected to have basic computer and internet literacy. 

You are expected to have basic computer and internet literacy. You can take the Online Learning Readiness Inventory and see your results which will tell you if you are ready for online learning. Program requirements are listed here.

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